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Maintenance tips: smart toilet maintenance and cleaning methods

A fresh and clean bathroom can make a person feel comfortable, damp and mouldy also is the blind spot of bathroom maintenance. The wettest place in the home should be the toilet, so moisture proof and mildew proof work are quite important. What I’m going to share with you today is the intelligent maintenance and the tips of cleaning the toilet, hope can help you clean.

1. Please do not knock or stomp on the sanitary ware.

2。 Please do not shut off the toilet seat fast。

3, Please wipe the sanitary ware gently with water, do not use detergents, solvents with grinding efficiency and strong acid-base property, to clean the toilet and water tank accessories, to avoid damage on product surface and accessories。

4。 When the detergent is poured into the toilet, flush before shutting down。

5。 Do not use hot water to clean。

6。 The electronic eye of the smart seat should be avoided to wash with water to prevent the possibility of the circuit board wet water or electrical short circuit。

7, If encountered a problem that can’t solve with the operation instructions when use the toilet, should contact the local agent or the factory promptly to ask for professional maintenance, do not fix it without permission which may lead to accidental damage。

Smart toilet cleaning:

1. Upper machine and lower body: the upper machine and the lower body can be disassembled to clean, as long as the machine is gently lifted, it can be removed easily and separated from the water source and power source.

Ii。 Ceramic bowl: after separating the seat and the cover according to the correct method, it can thoroughly clean the contaminated site。 When cleaning, wipe with the soft dishcloth, do not wipe with detergent or medicine, avoid to damage the part。 After cleaning, reload it。

Maintenance tips: smart toilet maintenance and cleaning methods

3。 Filter screen: when there is dirt to block the water filter, it may cause the flushing water pressure not enough, so wash regularly。 Cleaning step: 1。 Close the inlet valve; 2。 Unscrew the water filter with special tools; 3。 Clean the dirt with a toothbrush or small brush。

4。 Nozzle: press the nozzle cleaning button, and water spilts around the nozzle to wash the nozzle; Pull the nozzle out and hold it tightly to clean the nozzle and head position; Wash with soft cloth; Finally press the stop button to stop spraying water。

5. Clean the deodorant box and the odor inhalation port. If the odor is still produced, please replace the deodorant; Deodorant box and deodorant suction mouth with dust, or other attachment, the amount of air inhalation will be reduced, use toothbrush or small brush to clean dust.

In winter, to prevent the damage caused by icing, please don’t leave the water in the toilet when not in use. When not used for a long time, there should be no water left. Exhausting the remaining water steps:

1. Close the water inlet valve;

2. Remove the drain bolt after loosening;

3. Re-tighten the drain bolt after the remaining water is exhausted.

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